Soulful Gatherings

Jessica’s film school roots inform how we plan, design, and produce an event. Storytelling, production management, art direction, mise en scène, and cinematography were some of her favorite classes as she learned how to generously lead and support a collaborative creative team. Event production is a collection of all of her favorite things; thoughtful storytelling, art, design, music, delicious food and beverage, experiential entertainment, flowers, photography, dancing, and fun!

With a uniquely cinematic design aesthetic, we will surprise and delight the five senses and immerse your guests in your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

OUR Services


Our comprehensive planning services include:

Planning & Design

  • Developing your vision into a cohesive design.
  • Creating a budgeting allocation plan.
  • Venue scouting and procurement.
  • Matchmaking and managing your creative team.
  • Details and logistics management.
  • Overall production of your wedding.
  • Cloud-based wedding technology to keep you organized and on track.
  • We obsess over your rental orders, timeline, and floor plans, so you don't have to.

At Art & Soul Events® we offer full-service wedding planning and event design. We specialize in executing soulful gatherings, with complex logistics, in unconventional spaces. As your wedding planner, we'll be your partner, advocate, team captain, co-creator, and big vision holder. We will guide you through your planning journey from start-to-finish. 

It is our priority to make your client experience enjoyable, fun, and easy to navigate. We've spent years nurturing strong industry relationships that you'll benefit greatly from. We will collaborate with you and assemble an all-star creative team!

We desire to create a delightful wedding experience that is a transformative portal for connection, fun, and joyful bliss. By the time we get to your wedding weekend you will fully trust in our relationship and our team's commitment to you. With confidence, you'll get to enjoy being fully present as the guest of honor while Art & Soul Events has your back!

Planning & Design

We plan and design dinner parties, anniversaries, theme parties, birthday celebrations, launch parties, corporate events, halloween parties, holiday parties, pool parties, showers, and more!



Yes! We can help you plan an immersive multi-day wedding experience for your favorite people to enjoy. Let us help you plan your rehearsal, welcome party, wedding, and farewell party!

We limit the number of events we take on per year to ensure the consistency and quality of our work. Jessica will personally design and manage each one.

We no longer offer coordination or partial planning. We prefer to be involved in the early phases of the planning process (before the creative team has been hired) to deliver events to our standard of excellence.

Yes! Our weddings take us on adventures all over Southern California and the central coast. You'll find us planning and designing weddings in Joshua Tree, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Santa Cruz, Yosemite, the Sequoias, Nevada City, and beyond. Travel fees will be assessed, as applicable, for event travel and for scouting/planning visits.


Jessica brings so much care, expertise, thoughtfulness, warmth, and love into what she does. On a personal level, she will bring you authenticity, realness, tender conversations, and dream big with you. She is excited and fueled by the weddings she creates and will be your partner every step of the way.”

“She made me a believer in the specialness of weddings...


After being engaged for almost a year, while 6 months pregnant, my husband and I suddenly decided we were ready to tie the knot...fast. I wanted a full-blown estate wedding, 3 day weekend extravaganza. Within 2 weeks we landed my DREAM venue leaving us 6 weeks to
plan everything. Jessica went above and beyond in the delivery. Jessica set a new standard for my life. My standards for who I work with in anything... have risen exponentially. I didn't even know it was possible to feel so supported.

“6 weeks to create the dream 


I could write a dissertation about why Jessica Carrillo was the perfect planner for us. We asked her to plan us a walking ceremony in a beautiful garden to include 6 different altar/ activity stations and live music. We wanted to be surprised and left the design and logistics up to her. She took our unique ceremony vision, and she brought it to life. I appreciated
the way she communicates, her passion, and her style.” 

“Attentive, Artistic, Authentic Planner


Jessica was a dream come true, and creatively sourced everything we wanted. I never could have managed without her. Her relationships with all the professionals run deep, and she was able to find the exact people who could carry out my daughter's vision. I found it remarkable how Jessica helped my daughter create the story of her wedding, without imposing. The wedding was PERFECT and totally reflected the creative spirit of our beautiful couple.” 

“Could not have been happier!


Jessica exceeded in all respects. Every phase of the planning and execution was flawless. From ideation and design, to planning the 3-day guest experience, to sweating the details (hello napkin colors), to running the show expertly on the day(s) of the event. Flawless! The wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more and it wouldn't have been possible without Jessica. Cannot recommend highly enough.” 

“Flawless in every respect


I think what makes you special is the way you make your clients feel. I love that you feel like you’re a bestie that planned our wedding/elopement. You truly make a difference on one of the most important days of our lives. I think it speaks volumes how wonderful you make us feel and your magical energy! I wish I could bottle it up and save it for when I’m feeling low!” 

“I love that I feel like you’re a bestie


I worried about nothing on the day of my wedding and everything was pure perfection. She was amazing throughout the planning process and became such a support in that busy time. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Jessica!” 

“The most amazing wedding planner you could ever imagine.


Jessica was a dream-come-true planner. She brought a ton of experience, guidance, and connections that helped us create a wonderful wedding, and was on top of ever. single. detail. Our day came together seamlessly and beautifully, and she was behind the curtain pulling together every piece of the day. We did not worry about a single thing. And she is a wonderful person. We were so grateful to have worked with her!

“The glue that held together every aspect of our wedding!

Client love